Nolita Cleaning Co.

Nolita's Premiere Cleaning Company


We Clean Everything!

If you have something needing cleaning, chances are we can clean it.

Designer Apparel & Vintage Clothing

You can rely on our experienced team of certified master dry cleaners to make your garments look their best. We work diligently to remove stains and odors using an eco-friendly solution that is tough on dirt and odor, but easy on the earth.

Wash & Fold

First, we assort your clothing and separate the whites from the colors. Then each load is wash and dried in their own dedicated machine. Finally, your clothes are neatly folded, socks are matched, and wrapped up nice and tidy.

Custom Tailoring & Alterations

Take advantage of our expert tailoring and alteration services. We repair tears, snags, replace zippers and buttons. Bring your personal style to any garment with our custom fittings, we get them to look exactly the way you want them to look.

Shirt Laundry

Our experienced cleaners launder and press shirts ensuring all buttons are intact, colors are bright, and whites are white. If a stain can be removed, we guarantee we can remove it. We pay close attention to customer preferences.

Leather, Suede and Fur Cleaning

Your leather, suede and fur garments receive the expert specialized cleaning they require. Colors are restored, essential oils replaced, zippers and linings repaired. All done by specialists who are familiar with techniques and processes designed to protect your investment and keep you looking your best.

Wedding Gown Cleaning & Preservation

Trust your gown to our bridal team. We provide exceptional cleaning and restoration services as well as special packaging and preservation that keep your cherished items in pristine condition.

Home Cleaning

Coming home to a house that’s clean and comfortable gives us all a wonderful feeling. NolitaCleaning is a trusted name in home cleaning services.

VIP Club

Ask about our VIP program. As a member, you receive special privileges: messenger services, package handling, spare keys storage, documents printing, & much more.

UGG Cleaning & Restoration

We remove water- and oil-based stains, pre-treat with a dye fixative to preserve the color before washing with a special non-stiffening detergent. Before gentle air-drying, we condition the boots with a suede softener. Your favorite Uggs are fresh, clean and will look like new.

Pickup & Delivery

We offer complimentary Pickup & Delivery service for all your dry cleaning needs. If you are in the city, we will gladly stop by your home or office to pick up and drop off. ($25 min)

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

Do you like Coffee? We do. Have some complimentary Gourmet Coffee during your next visit.

A Little Fine Art

We have gathered some eclectic pieces from some local artists in the city. We hope you get an opportunity to see our collection.